Professional Demolition and Asbestos Removal Services in Dartmouth

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Professional provider of asbestos remediation and interior demolition Services in Dartmouth & surround areas. Founded in 2020 by Rick and Fitz Cross, two ambitious brothers from Jamaica, our family-owned business stands as a testament to quality and professionalism in demolition services. We specialize in both residential and commercial projects, offering tailored, efficient solutions with a focus on safety and environmental standards. Our expert team is ready to transform your space, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly and safely from start to finish.

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Concrete Slab Removal

Our Premier Services

Asbestos Remediation and Cleaning Services in Dartmouth

Our team is dedicated to safeguarding the health and safety of Dartmouth’s homes and businesses through our expert Asbestos Remediation and Cleaning Services. Recognizing the significant risks associated with asbestos exposure, we offer expert solutions designed to contain, and safely remove asbestos materials from your property, ensuring a secure environment for everyone.

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Commercial Demolition Types

Interior Commercial Demolition Services in Dartmouth

We are expert Interior Commercial Demolition Services in Dartmouth & beyond, catering to a diverse range of business sectors. Recognizing the dynamic needs of commercial spaces, from office buildings to retail establishments, we bring precision, efficiency, and a tailored approach to every demolition project.

Interior Residential Demolition Services in Dartmouth

Our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your residential demolition project.

Our Residential Demolition Services in Dartmouth Include:

  • Floor Removal: Careful removal of flooring to maintain the structural integrity of your home.
  • Full Kitchen and Bathroom Removal: Whether it’s for upgrades or complete renovations, we manage the entire process.
  • Drywall Walls & Ceiling Removal: Expert dismantling for easy renovations or redesigns.
  • Site Cleanup: We leave your space clean and ready for the next stage of your project, removing all debris and waste.
Interior Residential Demolition
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Why Cross Brothers Stands Out

Customer Satisfaction:

Our business is built on a foundation of customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality services, maintaining open communication, and ensuring a seamless experience. Our positive client testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence.

Commitment to Safety:

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols and comply with all local and national regulations to ensure the well-being of our team, clients, and the community.

Professional Team:

Our team of skilled demolition contractors is the backbone of our services. Trained, reliable, and equipped with the latest technology and methods, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project, ensuring it is completed efficiently and effectively.


Bob Shea

Concretion Concrete and Design


I’ve worked with Cross Brothers on a number of different projects. Each one was completed exactly as expected. This is a great organization to work with if you need the job completed exactly as discussed. Very friendly and professional staff make working together a great pleasure. I will continue to work with Cross Brothers indefinitely.

Rodney Resch

Project Manager, The Elevation


With the few times I have worked with you, the experience has been top notch. Your workers are professional, work safe, courteous, and hard working. I appreciate the fact that you always send me the same workers as they are familiar with the tasks I ask of them and each time they get better and faster. I also do appreciate when I call, you always answer the call or return my call right away, show up when you say you will, and even show up on very short notice, which has proven to be a huge advantage.

Joanne Cook

Happy Client


Cross Brothers handled the demolition work after one of the summer floods trashed my storage room, leaving mould and mildew growing up on the gyprock and through the particleboard shelves. The place was a stinky mess. Cross came in, cleaned it out back to the studd, took out the mouldering plywood, subflooring, and did an all-round great job. They were quick, professional, a pleasure to deal with at a difficult time, and left the place absolutely spotless.

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What is the risk to do interior residential demolition by yourself?

DIY residential demolition can expose you to health hazards, such as disturbing asbestos or lead, and pose risks to your home’s structural integrity. There’s also the danger of mishandling utilities like electricity and plumbing, which can lead to accidents or damage.

At Cross Brothers Demolition & More, we specialize in managing these risks efficiently. Our professionals ensure safe, efficient demolition while adhering to regulations, reducing the risk of injury and property damage.

What safety measures do Cross Brothers take during demolition services in Dartmouth?

Safety is our top priority at Cross Brothers Demolition & More. During our demolition services in Dartmouth, we adhere to strict safety protocols, including comprehensive site assessments, the use of protective gear, and employing advanced techniques to manage and mitigate risks. Our team is trained to handle hazardous materials safely, ensuring the well-being of our clients, staff, and the community.

Can Cross Brothers handle hazardous material removal?

Absolutely. We are proficient in handling and disposing of hazardous materials, adhering to strict safety protocols and environmental guidelines. Whether it’s asbestos or other harmful substances, we ensure safe and compliant removal and disposal, prioritizing the well-being of our clients and the environment.

What areas do Cross Brothers serve?
Cross Brothers provides top-notch interior demolition services in Halifax and the surrounding regions. Our service area is extensive, covering various locations to ensure we can assist a wide range of clients with their demolition needs, whether residential or commercial.

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